Work Directly With Your Defense Attorney

At Brockmeyer Law Offices, we do things a little differently when it comes to criminal defense work. We start at the very beginning by having you work directly with your attorney. We do not take your case and then hand you off to a nonlawyer assistant.

Instead, you can depend on our attorneys to know your case themselves. It is that level of personalized approach that has enabled our firm to become a fixture in the St. Charles County, Missouri, community and throughout the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Five Decades Of Combined Experience

Our time serving the needs of clients just like you throughout the area also means we have the experienced legal judgment you need to protect your rights. We know how the legal system works and how to advise you intelligently even when your case may fall outside the norm.

You can turn to us for the representation you need in a comprehensive variety of criminal defense matters. Our caseload includes cases such as:

  • Drug charges
  • Traffic tickets
  • Sex offenses
  • Domestic violence and neglect
  • Federal drug charges

Whatever circumstances you face, our firm protects your rights in the courtroom and out of the courtroom. We will make recommendations to you ourselves as to which options you have as well as whether going to trial best serves you or not.

Learn More About What Our Firm Can Do For You

Call us at 636-946-0960, and let us help you see the advantages of working with us on your criminal defense matter. You can also schedule your first appointment by contacting our firm online.