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How to Handle Disputes Involving Domestic Violence

How to Handle Disputes Involving Domestic Violence

What to Do if You Are Arrested for Domestic Violence

The holidays have a way of dredging up hard feelings, and family gatherings often lead to fighting and disagreements. Unfortunately, such conflicts can escalate and end in domestic violence accusations and arrest.

If one of your loved ones or a neighbor wrongfully accuses you of domestic violence, there are a few things you should know in order to keep yourself safe:

  1. Police are motivated to make an arrest when called about domestic violence. When a family member, neighbor, or other party involves members of law enforcement, there is often an unfair presupposition of guilt. However, good behavior in your interactions with police can keep your family conflict from turning into criminal charges.
  2. If you are taken into custody, only cooperate to a certain extent. It is almost always in your best interest to be cordial, respectful, and measured when talking to police, even if they decide to make a formal arrest. Yelling, putting up a fight, or exhibiting other aggressive behavior may give police more reason to believe the initial report of domestic violence, and it could bode poorly for you if you end up in criminal or family court.
  3. Avoid self-incrimination at all costs. If arrested, you may be asked to provide statements regarding the circumstances which resulted in your interaction with police, and you may be asked to sign written documents detailing the events that led to your detainment. As a general rule, do not attempt to make a deal with police and do not admit guilt at all.
  4. Connect with a St. Charles criminal defense attorney. While you can certainly protect yourself by remaining cool-headed during your interactions with police, the best way to preserve your good name and keep your record clear of unfair criminal charges is to secure representation form a skilled criminal defense lawyer.

We Represent People Arrested for Domestic Violence in Missouri

This holiday season, make Brockmeyer Law Offices your go-to criminal defense attorneys in St. Charles. We are well-acquainted with your rights and have the skill and tenacity necessary to protect them. Even if you have already been arrested and had a negative run-in with members of law enforcement, we are still prepared to protect you and help you avoid paying the heavy price of a domestic violence conviction.

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