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Being charged with a crime can have an impact on every aspect of your life, including your personal and professional reputation. Even a misdemeanor crime on your record can affect your ability to get a job, rent a home, and take out a loan.

If a past criminal conviction is taking on a toll on your life, the St. Charles & St. Louis Expungement Attorneys at Brockmeyer Law Offices can help. We can work with you to determine if you are eligible for an expungement. An expungement is a way to seal your criminal record, hiding past convictions from the public.

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Qualifying for Expungement in Missouri

Throughout the years we have been in practice, our attorneys have handled many expungement cases near St. Louis. If you qualify, you can rely on us to develop a strategy that is customized to your unique situation.

We are extremely thorough in everything we do:

  • Determining whether you qualify for an expungement.
  • Gathering records for your case.
  • Researching your history.
  • Preparing your petition.

In the state of Missouri, there are only specific crimes that can be expunged. The subject of expungement is covered under MO Rev. Stat. § 610.140.

These crimes include:

  • Fraudulent use of a credit/debit card
  • Passing bad checks
  • Minor in possession of alcohol
  • DWI (after 10 years)
  • Tampering (second degree)
  • Negligently setting a fire
  • Drunkenness in churches, schools, or courthouses
  • Disturbing the peace
  • Gambling
  • Trespassing
  • Property damage

Sealing Your Criminal Record near St. Louis

If the crime you have been accused of or convicted for meets the above stipulations, you must also meet several other requirements.

In order to qualify, you must:

  • Have no civil actions pending against you
  • Have no other convictions on your record
  • Have been arrested but not charged

Our St. Charles expungement attorneys understand that you may not be familiar with the process of seeking expungement. That is why we are here to address any concerns or questions you have and guide you through the process. At Brockmeyer Law Offices, we understand the challenges you face and want to help you move on from the past.

Understanding the Benefits of Expungement

Expungement offers individuals with a criminal record the opportunity to clear their name and start fresh. By sealing or removing past convictions from public access, you can improve your chances of finding employment, housing, and other opportunities. Our St. Charles expungement attorneys are experienced in helping clients navigate the legal process and understand the potential benefits of expungement.

Benefits of expungement include:

  • Improved job prospects
  • Eligibility for professional licenses
  • Ability to pass background checks
  • Restored voting rights
  • Peace of mind and a fresh start

If you are seeking a second chance and a clean slate, contact our St. Charles law firm today to discuss your expungement options.

To schedule a consultation to discuss your unique situation, contact us at (314) 582-5053.


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