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Being charged with a crime is not only stressful – it puts your future on the line. Navigating the criminal justice system without an attorney puts your freedom and rights at stake. That is why it is in your best interest to hire a knowledgeable St. Charles criminal defense attorney right away.

What Does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Do?

A criminal defense lawyer is a professional legal advocate who provides legal advice and representation to people who have been charged with crimes. As defense attorneys, their primary role is to protect the rights of their clients by providing an aggressive defense that refutes the charges against them. This includes investigating the facts of the case, gathering evidence, negotiating plea bargains, interviewing witnesses, filing motions, and representing defendants in court trials. A criminal defense lawyer will also work with prosecutors, law enforcement, and probation officers to strive for the best outcome for their clients. At Brockmeyer Law Offices, we do just that. We have five decades of combined experience representing defendants facing all sorts of criminal charges. We're committed to protecting your rights and using our knowledge of the legal system in your favor.

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Types of Criminal Cases We Handle in St. Charles

If you are convicted, you could be facing jail or prison time, restitution, and a multitude of civil penalties. Every criminal charge has its own nuances, which is why there is no way to predict the exact consequences you could be facing.

Fortunately, our attorneys are well-versed in criminal law and have been recognized nationally for our excellence in the field. We can help you understand your charges and the consequences you may face while fighting for a positive resolution to your case.

We protect our clients' rights against all types of criminal charges, including:

We can also help if you are seeking expungement to eliminate your criminal record.

Aggressive Representation for All Criminal Cases

No matter what type of crime you have been charged with, retaining skilled counsel is in your best interest. An experienced St. Charles criminal defense attorney at Brockmeyer Law Offices can help build a strong defense on your behalf.

When we take on a criminal case, we work hard to investigate the charges against our clients and pursue a favorable outcome. To ensure that your future and freedom are protected, turn to the legal team at Brockmeyer Law Offices.

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